Regarding Why…

Inspiration comes in so many forms, from my sketchbook, to a Rembrandt self-portrait, to student work from one of my classes, to the design of the objects we use every day. There is so much to see and learn from. This blog is to help record those things that inspire and engage me both visually, and in a deeper experiential way.

You have to get up close to the Water Lillies.

People and the things we create are so interconnected, and not just in physical ways, but in ways that defy the senses. The observations that will form this blog come from a long career as a designer, artist and educator, whose passion for all those skills have only gotten stronger as time goes on.

Visually, the breadth and depth of what is available for us to see and learn from is incredible, and this pursuit of understanding drives my creative engine each day. Whether with my favorite pen, standing in front of a large Matisse, or admiring the typography of a subway cover in New York City, it’s all the same curious exploration.

For me, inspiration and great design is found above us, and often below us.

I hope with this blog to show some of my art, design and travel experiences along the way with you. So whether from my studio, time with friends and loved ones, from my classroom, or on the road, there is so much to see and so little time to take it all in.

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